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Phive Controls Automation & Supply, LLC

Phive Controls Automation and Supply, LLC combines the legacies of three outstanding companies: Lucas Controls, Applied Control Technology, and D.D. Frederick Company.

Phive Controls Automation and Supply, LLC combines the legacies of three outstanding firms: Lucas Controls, Applied Control Technology, and D.D. Frederick Company.

The union of these three companies to form Phive Controls Automation and Supply, LLC benefits our clients with the synergy of our product offerings, improved geographic coverage, and a combined 121-year history of exceptional manufacturing partnerships.

Joining the expert staffs of Lucas Controls, Applied Control Technology, and D.D. Frederick Company offers our newly-formed Phive Controls Automation and Supply clients the opportunity to leverage our collective experience, product knowledge, manufacturing histories, and engineering talents.

Phive Controls Automation and Supply’s mission is to provide excellence in process instrumentation, control systems, and automation solutions with a steadfast commitment to the clients we serve.

From three we are now Phive.

Principal Manufacturers

Gauge/Differential pressure transmitters (DE/HART protocols)

  • Advanced Temperature Transmitters
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters (magmeters)
  • Vortex Flow Meters
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Control Valves and Positioners

Precision Control Valves and accessories

  • Globe, Angle & Sanitary valves
  • Standard & exotic alloys and plastics
  • 2" and smaller
  • Low flow, high pressure, high temperature, cryogenic
  • 3-way mixing/diverting, bellows sealed
  • Electric and Pneumatic operators
  • With or Without Positioners

World Leader In Rupture Disk

  • Tension Loaded
  • Reverse Buckling
  • Explosion Vents
  • Graphite
  • Sanitary
  • Safety Heads
  • Burst Disk Sensors/Monitors
  • ASME CODE Certified to Latest Revision
  • OEM Assemblies
  • Custom Engineered Products
  • Buckling Pin Relief Valve

Level and Flow Products for The Power and Process Industry

  • Reliance® Boiler Trim, Remote Level Indicators/Controls
  • Jerguson® Liquied Level Gauges & Valves, Magnetic Gauges
  • Anderson® Separators Filtration and Separation, Hycoa Liquid Filtration Transfer Valves
  • Magne-Sonics® Level Sensors/Switches
  • Jacoby-Tarbox® Sight Flow Indicators, Eductor

Complete Line of Instrument Valves and Manifolds

  • Instrument Valves
  • Instrument Manifolds
  • Gauge Valves
  • Isolation Valves

Engineered Fire and Gas Detection Systems

  • Infrared PointWatch and PathWatch Hydrocarbon Gas Detection
  • Catalytic Combustible and Electrochemical Toxic Gas Alarms
  • UV, IR, and UV/IR Fire Alarm Systems
  • Explosion Proof Smoke Detectors

Hydrogen-Cooled and Air-Cooled Generator Applications

  • Generator Core Monitors
  • Generator Gas Analyzer
  • Generator Gas Dryer

Flame Safeguard and Combustion Controls

  • Flamescanners
  • Burner Safeguard
  • Burner Management

Heat Transfer Products

  • Temp-Plate - Heat Transfer Surface
  • Clamp-On Heat Exchangers
  • Immersion Heat Exchangers
  • Custom Heat Exchangers
  • Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers
  • Steam to Liquid Heat Exchangers

High Pressure Specialists

  • High Pressure Valves, Fittings & Tubing
  • To 150,000 psig
  • Research Products
  • Stirred Autoclaves/Catalytic Reactors
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Process Systems
  • Magnedrive Mixers
  • Accessories/Instrumentation
  • Pumps
  • Air Driven, High Pressure

Premier Solenoid Valve Solutions

  • 2 and 3-way Solenoid Valves for Air, Gas, Water, and other specialty fluids
  • Explosion-proof and general purpose solenoid valves
  • High and low pressure and flow applications
  • Specialty and high volume, OEM solutions

Process Gas Analyzers - Flue/Combustion Analyzers - CEMS

  • Analyzers, Sample Systems & Complete Systems
  • Included technologies: Paramagnetic, Zirconia, TDL, Aluminum Oxide, Infrared, Thermal conductivity, + other technologies

Strahman Station washdown equipment

  • Strahman Sampling Valves
  • Bi-Torq – automated valves complete and fire-safe thermal shut off valves

Water Quality Analyzers

  • Clorine
  • Conductivity
  • Hydrazine
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Phosphate
  • Silica
  • Sodium
  • Turbidity

Maintenance-Free Flexible Steel Pipe Systems For Floating Roof Tanks

  • Drain Systems
  • Foam Systems
  • Skimmer/Suction Lines
  • 3 Layer Medium Pressure or COWS (Crude Oil Washing Systems) Lines
  • Decoking Lines

Measurement, Control, Automation and Enterprise Solutions

  • Tank Gauging Instruments (Radar, Servo, Float and Tape)
  • Fuel Management and Inventory Software
  • Fully Integrated Systems

Dependable, Rugged, Precision control valves

  • Deaerator components and accessories
  • Globe & Segmented Ball Control Valves
  • Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • ½ - 12” Sizes, NPT & up to 300# flanged connections

The Team


We Are

Phive Controls, Automation & Supply, LLC

Phive CAS represents leading manufacturers in their fields of Process Control, Instrumentation and Engineered Products.

Our sales team has over 175 years of combined experience in industrial sales and welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your requirements.

Andy Lucas

Outside Sales

Office: 918-599-7200 Cell: 918-645-4352 Email: andy.lucas@phivecas.com

Brett Shelton

Outside Sales

Office: 918-745-0400 Cell: 918-906-3174 Email: brett.shelton@phivecas.com BS Mechanical Engineering

Ron Wroten

Outside Sales

Office: 918-745-0400 Cell: 918-630-7232 Email: ron.wroten@phivecas.com BS Mechanical Engineering

Mike Watson

Outside Sales

Cell: 608-444-7768 Email: mike.watson@phivecas.com

Jason High

Outside Sales

Office: 918-745-0400 Cell: 918-813-2664 Email: jason.high@phivecas.com

Brenda Evans

Inside Sales/Order Administration

Office: 918-599-7200 Email: brenda.evans@phivecas.com

Leslie Lucas

Inside Sales/Office Manager

Office: 918-599-7200 Email: leslie.lucas@phivecas.com

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